Once There Were Towels Once There Were Towels Once There Were Towels

Once There Were Towels

Things That Live


Syrup spoons in tiny hats,
Relevant only to the Doormouse mats,
Begun again in frugal June,
Where ices place while wisdom spoons.

Into a broader gauge of foot
Apart from memory’s internal flute,
Will swim the morbid joyous gist
Revealing apparent dadaists.



We Came to See Trees

I Have a Pencil!

Ceci Est Un Billet

I’ve recently begun some long overdue cleaning.  Like, years overdue.  In the process of such, I’ve run across a lot of odd objects I, for one reason or another, squirreled away… as well as a thick-tipped sharpie.  Thus, all the haiku so far have been written on/about actual crap found during my actual cleaning binge… unfortunately putting a very late justification on my having saved some of it.  This is the packrat portion of my brain having a laugh, I think.

Inside Out

Receipts 1969